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El Cabrito de San Esteban is full of history and unforgettable memories, both of professionals and family as well as clients and friends. Remembering with nostalgia, that around the year 60 an endearing gentleman with a beret, with a table, six chairs and all the illusion, travels part of garrocha and the Empordà in search of the best kids to offer to his first diners.


With the help of his two children, the saga continues. Following the advice of the family and working with perseverance, dedication and as the main ingredient the raw material, often home-grown and of the highest quality, it is possible to consolidate a restaurant with essence and character that leaves no one indifferent.


San Cabeb de San Esteban is currently a newly renovated restaurant with a third generation of chefs bringing innovation and freshness to our dishes, keeping the essence and wisdom of more than 50 years of experience.

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